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Friday Fauna-Jungle Escape Pod

The cat caught a mouse between my bare feet this week. She’d lain siege for days listening to it scrabble and gnaw behind the kitchen baseboards. While I stood at the sink and washed dishes, I felt a light breeze … Continue reading

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I Drew a Butterfly and Learned Something New

It surprised me, too. Insects have six legs, and butterflies are insects. So it should follow that butterflies have six legs, too, right? Then I found a freshly emerged gulf fritillary (see previous post) clinging to its chrysalis under the … Continue reading

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Your Natural History Moment

When I planted native passion flower on the back fence, it was part of my hardy-tropicals garden scheme. But instead of fabulous flowers I got an outbreak of glorious butterflies- gulf fritillaries. The butterflies are so beautiful I’ve forgiven their … Continue reading

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