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My Weekend With Google

What looks like a bleached octopus, sans tentacles, rests in my hand. White, flaccid and cold, the rubbery blob chills my gloved palm as the researcher describes her work: decellularizing organs to create scaffolds for recolonization by new cells, and possible future implantation. I am holding a human heart. The … Continue reading

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Happy Turkey Day, with or without feathers

Ant Man is lamenting the unusual size of our turkey. When agri-giant Butterball declared 2013 a bad year for turkeys to explain their smaller-than-usual production of (presumably) wizened, skinny little poults, I ordered a fresh, organic, free-range bird from our … Continue reading

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Updating over here…don’t mind me

If you see a little remodeling going on here, I’m doing some much-needed home improvement to DTM. I promise you many more sketches and artwork, so please stay tuned!  

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Happy New Year, Happy New Home

I’m sitting at my computer with a winter sun slanting in, warming my back.  Our little Craftsman bungalow has lots of windows. If I turn around, I can watch the street traffic, the kids walking to school, the neighbors across … Continue reading

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Minor Literary Digression, Then Back to Our Regular Program

While browsing the web for my favorite graphite sticks (I prefer the rectangular shaped ones instead of the square cross-section sticks. I like my gray swaths on the wide side) I stumbled across what may be the most arcane author … Continue reading

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A Season For Change

Transformation and beauty on a glorious November morning!

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Art Never Sleeps, and Why Should It?

I just got a package of ten sheets of the most luscious watercolor paper delivered by UPS the other day: Lanaquarelle 140lb hot press. It’s surface is a soft, luxurious vellum, the color is bright white, and ten 22″x30″ sheets … Continue reading

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