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Tales from the Isle of Galveston

There’s a species of birder that birds through the long lens of a high-caliber camera. These birders are usually male, although more women join the band every year. I call them the Big Lens Guys. They appear to be an army unit clothed in camo … Continue reading

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Sunday Post with Tasteful Nudity

It felt good to sit before a model again and just draw. “Emerging Artist” means one who crawls out from under the show-painting/drawing rock. I’m back in the open and my big solo show opens April 17th. More about that soon, but for … Continue reading

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Friday Figures-Icons of Change

Ms. Magazine founder and icon of feminist activism, Gloria Steinem, will be the keynote speaker at the Choices 2013 fundraising dinner and art auction on September 21 at the National Cowboy and Western Heritage Museum in Oklahoma City. The event … Continue reading

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Friday Figures: Ouch.

It was my fault. I was allowed to suggest a pose today, and said, How about this one? As the session progressed, the model’s muscles twitched and her toes curled. I felt her eyes on me, and felt twinges, too- … Continue reading

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Friday Figures- Brother, can you paradigm (shift)?

She had been working on this picture for so long that she had felt her style shifting as different areas of the painting neared completion, and now that it was almost finished, the sections began to merge ungraciously, with rattling … Continue reading

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Friday Figures: Learning From a New Master

Mitsuno Reedy has long been a shining star in the art firmament of Oklahoma; her portraits are in hot demand at the top government and corporate level and her paintings hang in the State Capitol’s permanent collection. Clearly, she is doing … Continue reading

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Friday Figures- A Model’s Moods

I hardly ever start painting right off the bat. A three hour work session broken into 20 to 25 minute blocks allows time to figure out composition and shadows, to slow down and see. The first time block, for me, … Continue reading

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