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Debby Kaspari travels the world with sketchbook and binoculars, drawing and painting in wild and not-so-wild landscapes. Norman, Oklahoma is her home base, and she lives there with her tropical ecologist husband and a mackerel tabby named Gizmo.

Pelicans and power plants

On the jetty at Moss Landing, drawing brown pelicans and California gulls, hearing sea lions bark and inhaling aromatic sea salt  mixed with giant kelp. Almost edible. Harbor seals snore on the beach and sea otters lay on their backs … Continue reading

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Painting California

A homecoming for me. Painting the beautiful central coast. Happy to be here, with pastels and pencil. Is it Thursday? I’ll be here another week. What could be better than fall at Elkhorn Slough? If I find something, I’ll let … Continue reading

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Ant Man Sends a Selfie

From Barro Colorado Island, Panama, with love.

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Catfish Weather and Voodoo Lilies

We’ve had two feet of rain this month. Yesterday, an early morning storm arrived with a tornado warning that sent me and Gizmo splashing down into our flooded basement. Our yard may be squishy, but some of our neighbors could raise catfish on their lawns. That’s a real … Continue reading

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Friday Figures: A Few Small Gestures

Did these drawings using only a single strong light on a stand. Room lights shut off, blinds closed, drawing in semi-darkness. You can really see the figure that way. A single light source, simplicity itself. Every pose starkly beautiful. I’m … Continue reading

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A Solid Afternoon of Life Drawing

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Wood Stork Colony, 16th Hole

I’m not a golfer, but some of my best friends are. Spring Island has a top-notch course, designed by Arnold Palmer, who, I hear, comes back to play from time to time. The greens are hemmed by pines, palms and marshlands. Alligators … Continue reading

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