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Painting from Plein Air Drawings, Part 2

The routine: door closed, music cranked up, paint brush moves to the beat. Time flies agreeably as a painting takes shape. Yesterday’s soundtrack: Warren Zevon, Talking Heads and the ever-energetic Rolling Stones. These are places of rich history. The beautiful ruin of an apple-cider mill on … Continue reading

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Studio Paintings from Plein Air Drawings

One sees the prairie in layers: sky, grass, soil. And then there’s the forest, constructed from tall, thin strips: tree stems, stacked stones, waterfalls, a slice of sky at the top. One set of laminations lays out flat, the other stands on … Continue reading

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Sketches From Spain: A Few Thanksgiving Birds

The rain in Spain falls mainly on Sevilla at the moment, where Antman is giving a talk and I am enjoying a few quiet moments of reflection and gratitude on Thanksgiving Day. I’m thankful for our four-month Danish adventure and for family and good … Continue reading

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Sketches From Spain

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Friday Sketchbook: Birding in Danish

Getting out with Danish birders is delightful even if you don’t speak Danish. Birding is an international language, anyway; just watching and listening will get you pretty far. Many Danes speak quite a bit of English, too. When that fails, there’s always … Continue reading

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Friday Sketchbook: No More Opera for Okapis

While we drew the okapis today at the Copenhagen zoo, my friend told me a startling story. Okapis are rare African forest-dwelling relatives of the giraffe and sensitive animals. Very sensitive. Twenty years ago the Royal Theatre staged a performance at the … Continue reading

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Sketch of the Day: Chimps Get Warm and Fuzzy

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